Video-conferencing rooms are not conference rooms. A room designed to function well for in-person meeting and collaboration will not necessarily work well as a video-conferencing room.

For example, a board room designed to seat 20 people, laid out in a single long table, may facilitate conversation along the length of the table, but would place the person at the farthest end as much as 36 feet away from a camera at the other end of the table. Any person that far away from a camera is unidentifiable in a video-conferencing environment.

The ideal environment for video-conferencing is an immersive room that matches the environment to which you are connecting, but these types of total environments are often beyond the financial and space budgets of our clients. Instead, flexible spaces that can be used in multiple modes are often preferable from a space use and budgetary point of view. It is possible to design a room that will work for both in-person collaboration and video-conferencing, but the requirements of both types of spaces need to be balanced, and flexibility built in to optimize the use of a space.

While the technological complexities of video-conferencing systems are often the focus of guidelines for these systems, the space that we design for video-conferencing is perhaps even more essential than the technology to make these systems work. The layout, finishes and acoustics, lighting, as well as the technology all must work together to make video-conferencing an effective way of facilitating communication and collaboration.

  • Layout
  • Finishes and Acoustics
  • Lighting
  • Technology

Source: payette

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When is a conference room not a conference room


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