Working virtually is not only cost-effective to employers (who save money on office space and utilities) but also to employees. With rising gas costs, this virtual employee is grateful to have an office in her home!

1. One of the top ways to help yourself is to keep a space dedicated to work to help you focus. I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom for my office where I can close the door when the work day is done. Don’t have a spare room? Use a corner of your living room OR get creative and turn a closet into an office.

2. Don’t Isolate Yourself. “Encourage community via Skype, GChat, and Facebook Groups. Interact like you are in the office,” says Lauren Berger, CEO of Intern Queen. “Go out of your way to form relationships with co-workers and don’t hold yourself back from communicating. A virtual office doesn’t need to be an isolated one.”

3. Organize your time to eliminate burn out. According to Rachel Doyle, Founder and President of GlamourGals,“A virtual office can mean logging lots of hours seated in front of a computer. Manage your time with thirty minute calls, which have clear agendas.” Phone calls not only help you to communicate with others, but also to break up your day into small, manageable tasks.

4. Dress to Impress. Though you may be more comfortable in your Yoga Pants and snuggly slippers, get “ready” each morning. Part of feeling like you are in an office is presenting yourself that way. Though we all have off days where nothing makes more sense than staying in our pj’s, you are more likely to be productive and focused if you look your best!

5. Stay organized and keep a notebook and calendar handy at all times. “Prioritize your time with a clear to-do list and reference it each morning,” notes Rachel Doyle. “This list will give you an idea of what items need to be done today and what can happen later that week. Before you know it, your work day will fly by.”


5 tips for working in a virtual office


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